De Tuin van Lowie

These fruits and nuts are grown in a traditional, authentic way and selected with the greatest of care.

The products in the ‘De Tuin van Lowie’ range are harvested when they are ripe, in the morning, then packed in the afternoon and transported the same night so that they arrive at your shop at dawn, ready to be put on the shelves.

This process ensures that the fruit retains its authentic taste.

Our Lowie range contains:

  • Stone fruit: cherries
  • Hard fruit:  Lowie apples
  • Soft fruit: Tulameen’ and ‘Kwanza’ raspberries
  • Walnuts

La Fleur Magique is het huismerk van groothandel Vandepoel in Brussel op de vroegmarkt, reeds jaren bekend voor de beste Belgische aardbeien.
Naast aardbeien is La Fleur Magique ook beschikbaar in

  • Zachtfruit: Framboos, Braambes, Bosbes, Rode bes, Cassis
  • Hardfruit: Appel Jonagold, Peren Conférence
  • Citrus: Clementines, Sinaasappelen

‘De tuin van Lowie’ cherries

These cherries have been famous for many years for their excellent taste and quality.

Many customers recognise the brand ‘De Tuin van Lowie’ from upmarket groceries, markets and wholesalers.

The cherries are selected for their taste and calibre and sold in Belgium and abroad.

Different varieties of these cherries are available from June to August, including:

  • Kordia
  • Rainier (white)
  • Regina

In various pack sizes:

  • 2 kg (Lowie carton)
  • 5 kg (Lowie wooden crate)

In various calibres:

  • 28+
  • 29+
  • 30+
  • 32+
  • 34+

Our Mission

We always look for the very best products, honestly grown and carefully selected for taste: products that are a source of pride to ourselves and the growers.

That enables our customers – mainly premium wholesalers and retailers – to stand out from the crowd, a fact that consumers have understood and appreciated for many years.


Contact us for more information and to find out about our points of sale: info@detuinvanlowie.be

For orders :

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